New Book on Swedish Planning

THE NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK "Planning and sustainable urban development in Sweden" provides an overview of current trends in Swedish planning and urban development. The book addresses the Swedish planning system as well as projects and processes at national, regional and local level contributing to a sustainable urban development in Sweden. All articles are written by Swedish practitioners and researchers with insight into today's planning. I have written one article - Regional Planning in Sweden.
The book, published by the Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning (Föreningen för Samhällsplanering) in may 2013 can be ordered here.
PART 1 - The Context of Contemporary Swedish Planning
- Planning in a New Reality - New Conditions, Demands and Discourses (Carl-Johan Engström & Göran Cars)
- A Competitive Local and Regional Milieu for Firms and People (Ulf Wiberg)
- Urban Policy and Strategic Urban Development (Charlotta Fredriksson)
PART 2 - The Swedish Planning System
- Planning Legislation in Sweden - a History of Power over Land-use (Gösta Blücher)
- Local Democracy and the Administrative System in Sweden (Eva Hägglund)
- Swedish Land-use Planning Legislation (Reigun Thune Hedström & Mats Johan Lundström)
- The implementation of Development Projects (Thomas Kalbro)
- Regional Planning in Sewden (Göran Johnson)
- Swedish Transport Planning - a New Deal in a New Reality (Susanne Ingo)
PART 3 - Social Perspectives on Planning
- Socially Sustainable Urban Development in Sweden (Micael Nilsson & Ulrika Hägred)
- On Urban Sustainability and Cultural Diversity (Åsa Dahlin)
- The Public Realm: the Renaissance of Urbanity (Thorbjörn Andersson)
- Communicative Planning Processes - Involving the Citizens (Johan Wänström)
- Housing and Housing Policy in Sweden (Bo Bengtsson)
PART 4 - Environmental Perspectives on Planning
- Planning for Sustainability: From Environmental Concern to Climate Change Measures, Attractiveness and Innovation (Kristina L. Nilsson)
- National Support For Environmentally Sustainable Development Activities on Local Level (Mats Johan Lundström)
- International Dissemination and Export of Swedish Know-how and Expertise in Sustainable Urban Development (Ulf Ranhagen)
... plus 15 examples of sustainable urban planning practices and projects around Sweden!

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