Iris’ Finnish Turnip Pudding for Christmas

Iris was born in northern Finland and spent her childhood in Turku in southern Finland. Amongst the Finnish traditions she brought with her to Sweden when she married my father in 1935 were Finnish sour rye crisp (Oululaininen) with Finnish Emmenthaler cheese, mämmi, the traditional Finnish Easter dessert, and turnip pudding for Christmas. I have tasted other turnip puddings many times but Iris’ recipe is, so far, superior to all others. Some people make the mistake to include carrot or even potatoes. Forget it. You should only use turnip roots (Brassica Napus).

A Swedish turnip root.
The turnip pudding is mandatory at Christmas in our home. Usually it is eaten together with Christmas ham, but it can stand on its own as well.

The turnip pudding ready for the oven.

This is her recipe

Two big turnip roots or three smaller ones
100 gram margarine
1 dl wheat flour
1-3 tbsp syrup
2 dl milk mixed with cream
1 ml measuring spoon white pepper
A pinch of grated nutmeg according to taste

Cut the turnip roots in cubes. Steam in salted water appr. 30 minutes. Mash the turnip (or use a food processor, but Iris never did). Add the flour, then the other ingredients and mix. Pour in a greased casserole. Smoothen the surface and pour brown dried crumbs on top. Make a nice pattern with a knife on the surface. Bake in the oven, 200 degrees centigrade for one hour.

The turnip pudding baked in the oven.
After I published Iris’ recipe for the turnip pudding on my Swedish blog, I have received several appreciating comments, not only from readers in Sweden, but also from Finland. This is especially honourable, since Finland is the homeland of the turnip pudding.

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